Youth in Butte County

The amount of morphine prescribed in Butte County is enough kill everyone 9 times over. This prescription rate is 3 times higher than the United States average.

Opioid abuse begins in the home. A 2018 countywide survey of Butte County high school students found that 1 in 3 young people know someone who uses prescription medication to get high. 41% of those surveyed reported that they had received opioids at home, and 20% reported that they took it from their parents without asking. Prevention of this has been the focus of the Butte Youth Now Coalition.


The Butte County Prevention Unit developed an Opioid module to assist teachers and school officials in their efforts to reduce youth opioid usage. The module serves as a supplementary resource for lessons, or as a teacher education tool. The module outlines what an Opioid is, the dangers of using Opioids, and how to take prescription Opioids safely.


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